Jag har fått frågan om vad det är för ett citat jag satt på baksidan av mina vykort som skickats ut i världen, så här kommer det. Andy Warhol sa något klokt som inspirerade mig till kortens titel Just make art:

I´ve been asked what the quote is on the back of my cards in the Postcard swap.  I like it and it inspired to the title of my cards, Just make art:

Don´t think about making art,
just get it done.
Let everyone else decide if it´s god or bad,
wheter they love it or hate it.
While they are deciding,
make even more art.

Andy Warhol



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10 Responses to Just make art…

  1. amy skriver:

    Thank you! What a great quote. Thanks also for your comment on my blog about the birch trees piece. Where I live there are birches, but only here and there, not all over like where you are. So whenever I see one in amongst the maples and oaks and pines it’s like a visitation.

  2. Chris skriver:

    LOVE this quote!
    We make things so difficult for ourselves! Life is short. If you love making art, make it!

  3. EWian skriver:

    That is a wounderful quote!


  4. madde madde skriver:

    Yes, it´s a great quote! and something to live by…

  5. TJ skriver:

    What a perfect quote for such beautiful cards! It sort of makes me want to cry. *sniff*

  6. I too love the quote and the card I received today. It has been wonderful “meeting” so many artists.

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