Nu har jag klippt & klistrat & sytt. Nu är orden på plats. En liten mening på varje kort. En viktig mening. En stor mening.  Damerna har jag sytt fast. Sytt uppe & nere på varje dam, på varje kort. Damerna i overhead-plast. Kontrasterna. Genomskinligheten. Blankt. Matt. Mina kort är snart klara. I morgon skall jag döpa dem. Jag döper dig till….I morign skall jag signera dem. Välja ut vilka tio jag skall skicka. I farten så blev det femton damer. Fem stannar här, tillsvidare.

English: I have been cutting, gluing & sewing. The words are in place. Improtant words. Big words. The ladies, drawn on trancparency film, is sewn on. My cards is almost ready. Tomorrow they will be signed. Tomorrow I´m gonna select 10 cards. It was so much fun so I´ve made 15. Five will stay, for now.


8 Responses to Postcard Swap II

  1. Andria skriver:

    Love your “process pictures”, Madde! The transparency film makes a neat effect on your postcards.

  2. WOWWWWw I am very impressed. I love your theme! I’m going to check out more posts on your blog too.

  3. TJ skriver:

    Wow, it’s fun to see that you sewed those female forms into the cards! They are beautiful and I can’t help but notice how cool and fun your fingernails are too…!! Then again I’ve also commented on Hanna’s manicure in the post. I guess I just love pretty nails…
    Best wishes from germany, tj

  4. madde madde skriver:

    Thanks a lot TJ. (I love nailpolish & bright colours. My nails are often blue or green or black or orange….)

  5. EWian skriver:

    I agree with Andria, seeing in progress pictures is fun.


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