Oj, vad varmt det är hela tiden. I natt hade vi korsdrag som knappt märktes, den enda trösten är väl att det säkerligen hade varit mer kvavt utan. Korsdrag går däremot inte att ha utan myggfönster. Myggfönster är ett måste, en nödvändighet men de är i allmänhet rätt så fula. De flesta myggfönster jag sett har det gröna eller grå myggnätet med halvskruttigt virke.

Maken och jag snickrade nya, nya fina & till nät använde vi gamla spets- & nätgardiner. Så att det både har mygg-stopp-funktionen och är snygga samtidigt. Det lilla rosenmönstrade myggfönstret fick en tunn, tunn träram för att den skall vara så osynlig som möjligt. De andra två fick kraftigare träramar som målades vita. Helnöjd!

We live in an old house made of wood. These houses gets really hot during the summer so we have to have the windows open (no air conditions). But then we have the mosquitos and midges. Traditionally we all have mosquito windows, frames with nets. They are usually quite ugly so me & my husband made new ones. We re-used old lace curtains. So now we have the mosquito windows & they look nice at the same time.

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53 Responses to Bakom spets & rosor

  1. TJ skriver:

    This is a brilliantly beautiful and fabulous idea!

  2. Camilla skriver:

    Superfint Madde!!

  3. Tyg och otyg skriver:

    Haha, det är andra dagen i rad jag ser spetsgardinsmyggfönster på en blogg. Helt klart mycket finare än vanliga! Är de lika effektiva när det gäller att hålla myggen också? (Eller det kanske är för tidigt att utvärdera ännu.)

    • madde madde skriver:

      Vi har haft ett myggfönster med spetsgardin i två år & det har fungerat hur bra som helst. Nu har vi gjort tre till :)

      • Tyg och otyg skriver:

        Det var bra att veta! Nu bor jag iofs i lägenhet med så stora fönster (typ 120×120 cm) att det inte känns aktuellt med myggfönster, men jag ska helt klart lägga idén på minnet för framtida bruk! :)

  4. Lotte skriver:

    Så snygga.. Måste försöka göra egna. Är så trött på dessa man ska sätta fast med kardborreband som bara lossnar och kardborrebanden som lämnar fula märken på fönsterkarmarna.

  5. Karen skriver:

    Beautiful, thank you!

  6. Patty skriver:

    Beautiful! Thank you so much for the idea! Would love to see your house. I love old things made new!

  7. Lois skriver:

    could you advise how you put the old lace curtins over and use as screens (in english) I would like them in my house!

    • madde madde skriver:

      So glad you liked them :)
      We crafted wooden frames in the size of the actual window (glued the small ones and screwed the larger ones). Then I used old lace-curtains and cut them apr. 6 cm larger than the wood frame. I stapeld the lace -(streched) to the wood with my staplegun. I screwed on some fastenings so that the frames would stay in place.!
      Love to see yours!

  8. Samantha skriver:

    This is a really cute idea! I was wondering about them getting dirty. Have you had to clean them and if so how did you do it?

    • madde madde skriver:

      Thanks! :)
      They´re easy to clean – I just brush them gently with soap, rinse with water, take a cloth to mop the frames and let them stand out in the sun to dry.

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  10. GerryAnn skriver:

    Love this – will try this im Maine, USA this summer,, Thanks fro sharing

  11. Judy skriver:

    I love this. I’m looking up my lace curtains to do it. Thanks for the tip.

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  13. sandra lund skriver:

    Hvor er det fint!det er virkelig en god idé.

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  15. elizabeth skriver:

    Dear Madde,
    Thanks for such a lovely and original idea. I have some lengths of wide lace material from a church and was wondering what to do as parts are damaged and now I know. Cut out the good bits and make very attractive frames for our med mountain house.
    Three cheers for people like you,

  16. Teresa aka Tess skriver:

    I love this idea. I have a room that has three small ugly windows on two sides and 2 on the third side. They will soon be very pretty. Thank you for the idea.

  17. Cynthia skriver:

    Hello from Texas, USA. Love the beautiful idea. Will try it out on windows in my home. Thank you. :)

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  19. AnnaMaria skriver:

    Hur fäster du fönstren i fönstren?
    Alltså… De myggnät vi har nu fäster man i de vanliga fönsterhakarna. Håller sig dina på plats utan någon hållare?
    Fattar du alls vad jag menar?

    • madde madde skriver:

      På mina träramar har jag skruvat fast fönsterhakar, så att de blir precis som vanliga myggfönster.

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  24. Lynette Daugherty skriver:

    Yea from Alabama usa! So sweet in my home. THANK YOU!!

  25. Deborah skriver:

    I absolutely love these! What a pretty alternative to screens. Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely day!


  26. janet skriver:

    I repurpose older window frames into useful (different) products, but when I saw the lace screens…I fell in love with the idea…At first I thought it was lace fabric glued or deco-podged onto glass but then I found the English translation to learn it was just fabric stabled onto sm. (wood) pieces to frame the window…pure genius! I still may take some very thin delicate fabric and glue it onto the glass to see what that looks like…but I’m excited to try the lace screen. Thank you for sharing…it gets quite warm in California. It stays mild most of the year with a short winter…which is prime for flies & mosquitos not to forget moths and other flying insects. Most appreciative <3

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  29. Jettie Laarman skriver:

    So glad I found your blog! I knew someone must have had this idea … and manufactured these screens. Now I know it will work out. I was particularly worried about the cleaning part but found out that it’s easy-peasy.
    Thank you for sharing this on the internet. Can’t wait to actually start making them !!

  30. Min skriver:

    Hey Great idea! Bravo..you gave me inspiration to make a frame with old lace curtain for my daughter’s room it’s so chic romantic..some old things are for ever nice crossing ages styles..
    I love people like too..
    <3 ;)

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